Organized by the Department of Social Work of the Zagreb Faculty of Law in Opatija is 14th to 16th March 2018 was held the 4th Croatian Conference about Supervision. Through plenary lectures and workshops participants were opportunity to learn about various incentives in the development of communication skills as well as socio-cultural differences in the supervisory context.

Throughout the workshops, experience of supervising social welfare and protection, education, health and justice were exchanged. Presentations were made on general and specific topics such as the experience of supervising of psychosocial treatment, social worker in the departments of psychiatry, educational supervision of parental disputes mediators, supervision from the perspective of foster parents, persons performing the measure of professional supervision, and supervision as well as a supra-standard in the activities of child and adolescent psychiatry. On behalf of the Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb meeting was attended by a professor Sanja Jusufbegović, who presented the experience of the supervision process of employees of various profiles, as well as the peculiarities of the supervision process in the Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb. As part of the conference, the book “Service and coaching in Europe” was also promoted.

List of European professional advice consultants:

European Association for Supervision and Coaching

European Mentoring and Coaching Council http: //

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