A visit from children’s rights experts from the Columbia University

Experts for the children’s rights from the Columbia University from New York have visited the Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb on March 22nd 2018. Professors Vincent Schiraldia and Lael Elizabeth Hiam Chester was introduced about work of the Center by psychologist Ella Selak Bagarić. Our guests in the discussion were most interested in the treatment of children of perpetrators of violence, co-operation of the Center and the Courts and the manner of conducting the examination of children for the purposes of court proceedings.

The guests were welcomed by prof. Gordana Buljan Flander, PhD, Director of the Center, highlighted the importance of cross-sectoral cooperation in the protection of children, and in the discussion were also participated president of Brave phone, a psychologist Hana Hrpka and Vanja Slijepčević , Saftić, PhD, neurospedicator and Center’s assistant director for quality of health care.

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