On the Fit for Kids workshop at the Zagreb Fair

Portal delivered a report on the workshop Fit for Kids held at the Zagreb Fair March 9 to 11, organized by ABC parenting and There were creative, culinary and educational workshops for children and round tables for parents. At the round table “The impact of media on children” on behalf of the Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb participated psychologist Mia Roje:

“Movement and healthy nutrition are extremely important for the proper physical and mental development of children, just as well as the proper and responsible use of the media. As their parents attended the round tables, the children participated in various creative and sports workshops, and the highlight was when they joined the master chef Mate Janković with whom the little ones enjoyed making various healthy sweets.

The round table “The impact of media on children”, which was led by president of the Association of Most Happy Baby Croatia (Udruga Najsretnija beba Hrvatske), Ivo Brčić discussed the positive and negative influences of media on children, and the importance of media literacy of parents.

The guests of the round table were Lana Ciboci, PhD, author of the first study on media literacy in Croatia and editor of the book “Children of the media”, Ivančica Tarade, editor of the portal, Sanjica Ćaćić, NLP trainer and family coach and editor of the portal Abeceda roditeljstva, Mia Roje, a psychologist in the Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb, Iva Maričić, founder of a Facebook group E-looking, dr. Milan Milošević, specialist in orthopaedics and traumatology, owner of Polyclinic Ribnjak. “

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