Should we be concerned?

Handbook about adolescents intended for parents and professionals

This is a handbook about adolescents intended for parents and professionals. Adolescence is the time of growing into adulthood, when a person establishes a balance between his / her childhood and maturity. It is the period, as some name it, of self-development, when the young person revolts against authority, refuses to be controlled by parents and is getting closer to peers.

Adolescence is the time of rebellion, probing limits, moodiness, internal conflicts and conflicts with others. Developmental challenges imposed on a young boy or girl are related to acceptance of changed physical appearance, adjustment to gender roles, achievement of emotional independence from parents, acceptance of societal values, establishment of personal system of values and ethical principles to follow in their life. Changes in these areas are present throughout life, but are most pronounced in adolescence. They are extremely important for personal development into a completed process and for gradual adjustment to all the roles related to adulthood. Such changes cause considerable confusion in both the adolescents and all around them.

This handbook is intended to contribute to better understanding of the youth and to support the building of relationships that matter to us.

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