Child with ADHD

Handbook about raising a child with ADHD.

Raising a child is a big challenge for every parent, requires much love, time, patience, attention and learning about how to be a good parent. All children undergo some developmental phases which can be difficult and frustrating and which may impose numerous questions on us. Although parents themselves, or with the help of relatives or friends, solve the majority of problems they encounter, there are situations in which they may need professional help. This handbook comprises difficulties of children related to hyperactivity and offers answers to most frequent questions asked by parents and professionals who suspect the child might be hyperactive.

Nowadays, many children are being described as ‘hyperactive’ and this word seems to be gaining in popularity. However, if the child is lively, full of energy, always on the move, talkative, curious, it still does not mean it is hyperactive.

Conformance with the environment is unexceedingly important component of human life. Children who are restless, who have problems with concentration and are very impulsive may have many difficulties in their everyday life. This can aggravate establishing quality relationships with their peers and adults and coping with situations where they are expected to follow some rules (e.g. kindergarten, school). A hyperactive child often has few friends and is painfully aware that it is isolated and rejected. Its impulsivity and abruptness may put off both children and adults. That is the reason why adults do not understand such a child and do not provide the help and support it needs.

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