Bullying among children

Handbook on bullying among children

The purpose of this handbook is to try to meet children’s needs and to answer adults’ questions which are related to bullying and which we encounter at the Child protection centre. Our experience, like the experience of professionals working with children in schools, shows that bullying is becoming a bigger and more serious problem in schools and, consequently, in our society.

The handbook has been written primarily for children and parents, but we hope that it may be useful for teachers and all others interested in answers to some of these questions: What is bullying? Which children are more likely to become bullies and which are more likely to become victims? What are the consequences of such violent behaviour? What can adults do to help children?

We hope that, in this handbook, parents will find useful advice about how to help and support their child if s/he is the victim of bullying in school. They can also find advice about how to raise a non-violent child and how to be a good role-model for their child. And finally, our intention is to help children and give advice how to protect themselves against bullying and who to ask for help if they experience bullying.

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