“Cards for Rainy Day” translated into 5 languages: English, Greek, Hungarian, Macedonian and Romanian

“Cards for rainy days (and social distancing)” created by the psychologist of the Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center, Tea Brezinšćak, in cooperation with the volunteers of the Child Protection Hub for Southeast Europe and other individuals who contacted us and supported us were translated into Romanian, Macedonian, Greek and the Hungarian language, so now families and children from all these language areas can download them for free from our website and from the Child Protection Hub SEE website.

Congratulations to our psychologist Tea Brezinšćak on the international success of her “Cards for  Rainy Days (and Social Distance)” with 55 activities for family activities that connect and build psychological resilience, which are now read and used in 6 languages. We thank graphic designer Niko Crncevic who pro bono designed the Croatian, English, Romanian, Hungarian, Greek and Macedonian editions. We thank all the translators who contributed to getting these cards to as many children as possible.

Below are the download links for “Cards for Rainy Days (and Social Distance)” of all 6 editions in PDF:

“Cards for Rainy Days” (English, PDF)

“Κάρτες για όταν βρέχει  (Greek, PDF)

“Kártyák esős időre    (Hungarian, PDF)

“Cartonașe pentru zile ploioase (Romanian, PDF)

Картички за дождливи денови (и социјалното растојание) (Macedonian, PDF)

“Kartice za kišne dane “(Hrvatski, PDF)


Cards For Rainy Days

kartice za kišne dane, socijalno distanciranje, Tea Brez8inšćak

cards for rainy days, greek

kartice za kišne dane, mađarski

kartice za kišne dane, makedonski


Disclaimer: This is unofficial translation provided for information purposes. Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center can not be held legally responsible for any  translation inaccuracy. 

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