Paying attention is sometimes a great art. There are ways to help yourself achieve it. You will not only better listen, look and understand, but also hear your teacher praising you. Get some advices how.

  • Only what you need at that particular lesson should be on your desk
  • Sit close to the teacher and the board
  • Participate in lesson activities, do not only sit, raise your hand, ask questions, but take care of the class rules
  • If you are sitting next to someone distracting you, ask your teacher if you can switch places with someone
  • Make some token to remind you to pay attention (a tag or a bracelet), which you can touch the moment you start drifting away
  • Do not carry games or toys to school. They may distract your attention, used not only during the break, but during the class, too.
  • If you do not understand something, immediately ask your teacher or a friend for an explanation.
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