We have prepared infographics on how to cope with a traumatic earthquake experience. Please share on your social networks to reach as many parents, young people and other people as possible this morning in Zagreb who have awakened to the earthquake and further burden the everyday life we are already experiencing under the particular circumstances of social isolation and restrictions to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

How can we help ourselves? Caring for basic needs (so that we eat, drink, keep warm) when we need it – sharing emotions with our loved ones, supporting one another, returning to normal activities, what normally relaxes us, timely information and following the instructions of institutions

What doesn’t help? Reviewing and disseminating false and/or sensationalist information from unverified sources, validating the “normality” of own and others’ emotions and reactions to “abnormal” conditions and circumstances, advocating widespread ideas about being punished, and that will happend something worse – no one is guilty and we need to focus on support instead of blaming.

YOUTH infographics:

Authors: Krešimir Prijatelj, MSc. psych. and Mia Roje Đapić, MSc. psych. 

Disclaimer: This is unofficial translation provided for information purposes. Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center can not be held legally responsible for any  translation inaccuracy. 

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