Have problems with organising and planning your time? Forgetting? All too busy all the time? Here are some ideas which may help you to get more free time:

  • Make notes on post-its and stick them somewhere where you can see them. Instead of words, use symbols/signs for a specific activity, especially if you do it often. E.g. draw your favourite toy and stick it to a visible place in the room to remind you that you should tidy your room up.
  • Is it difficult to remember when somebody tells you to do something? Tell that person, e.g. your parents, to stick the message to a visible place – e.g. ‘switch off the lights and lock the door when leaving’.
  • Always put your things where they belong – your jacket on the hanger which is always at the same place, books on the bookshelf in your room opposite the door, etc.
  • Get a watch with a timer which will remind you. If you have to go somewhere in 30 minutes, e.g. you are playing on the play station and should go to your training or your English class in 30 minutes, the alarm will remind you.
  • Learn to always do what you think you have to do. That way you will avoid the possibility of forgetting.
  • When you are leaving home, stop for a minute and think whether you have taken everything you may need.
  • When you wake up in the morning, think about your plan for the day. If you cannot remember, check in your planner or calendar.
  • If you cannot remember everything you have to take for school, when your written or oral tests are due, when your book reports are due, which day you have some activity or obligation – write it down, make your own planner/calendar where you will write everything. You will then see how uncomplicated your life can be.
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