FREE BROCHURE: “Cards for Rainy Days (and Social Distancing)” – 55 Family Activities That Connect and Build Psychological Resilience

The free brochure Cards For Rainy Days (and Social Distancing) created by Center’s psychologist Tea Brezinšćak, has been a great success. In just twenty days since we have offered 55 family activities that connect and build psychological resilience as part of psychological support for parents and children, it was read and downloaded over 13,000 times on our site for free. Another 5,000 readers reached them through social networks and other websites, which offered them for download, such as and and numerous elementary schools and kindergartens.

– The idea for cards has been around for a long time, but obviously now is the time to come to fruition. It seems to me that with the abundant activities we offer children today, they have no time left to play. Even the time we devote to playing is often acutally a cover-up for trying to secretly teach them »something useful«. Both parents and experts do that. Therefore, it is important to remind ourselves that the real game is actually one that is enjoyed for no purpose, in which we remain only for the fun of it. Paradoxically, it is exactly through such play that children make the most developmental progress – says psychologist Tea Brezinšćak, author of the cards:

– I was very surprised by the reaction. Obviously, play and laughter are exactly what we are missing now. I was particularly pleased by the news that the cards had also reached the children who had lost their home in the earthquake in Zagreb. Also, several friends told me that their children got one of my cards from their teachers as part of their homework, to play with their parents.

Spreading through social networks in Croatia, the region, and the world, “Cards For Rainy Days” have reached the graphic designer Niko Crnčević, who lives and works in Berlin. He emailed the Center and offered to make a professional card design pro bono. This is how Niko Crnčević and our psychologist Tea Brezinšćak began working together, and the result is “Cards for Rainy Days (and Social Distancing)” with a new design.

You can download them in PDF here: Kartice za kišne dane (i socijalno distanciranje) (PDF, in Croatian)

With the help of Anesa Vilić and psychologist Tena Erceg, “Cards for Rainy Days (and Social Distancing)” have been translated into English.

You can download the English edition in PDF here: “Cards for Rainy Days” (English, PDF)

In order to reach as many people as possible during the current isolation in their homes all over the world, it is our desire to translate them into other languages, so we invite you to help us with the translations.

Here you can download forms for translation from Croatian and from English into other languages ​​in a word document. If you translate it to some language, send it to When we recieve a translation we will apply the existing design and publish it on our website for free download. For all additional information you can contact us at:

Croatian Translation Form (DOCX) (DOCX)

English Translation Form (DOCX)

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