Večernji list: “How the morbid pedophile chain in Istria fell: The technology with which they operated shocked the police”

Večernji list published a topic on the occasion of the arrest of several tourists who photographed naked children on beaches hidden by cameras, for committing the criminal offense of exploiting children for pornography on July 27, 2020. The expert interlocutor on behalf of the Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center was psychologist Mia Roje Đapić :

“An Italian (35) was on Saturday in a popular nudist tourist resort in Istria, whose guest he was, filming naked children with his smartphone. He also expressed his pedophile depravity and audacity during the filming by ignoring numerous warnings about the filming ban. The Italian was filming naked children in the pool, but also in the shower. It was discovered by other tourists, so security guards warned the suspect. As 24sata has find out, investigators searched his vehicle and the facility in which he was staying and confiscated his mobile phone and numerous photos he took that afternoon. The Italian ended up with handcuffs on his hands and faces up to one to eight years in prison for committing the crime of exploiting children for pornography. Two days earlier, on Thursday afternoon, in the same tourist resort, a 38-year-old Austrian also photographed naked children. He, in turn, filmed naked children in the pool with a camera integrated into his watch. Interestingly, the Austrian was carrying a bag full of sophisticated recording equipment when he was arrested. In addition to the one on hand, Rovinj police officers found him another three hours with integrated cameras and two ballpoint pens also with integrated cameras.

He was left without watches, camera pens and computers to help investigators prove his pedophile propensity. The Austrian was immediately arrested, so he, as well as the Italian, faces a prison sentence of one to eight years for filming naked children. A pedophile from Austria ended up behind bars in Pula. Last week, the Istrian police arrested a pedophile in a camp, a 44-year-old German, who was filming naked children with a camera hidden in a pen. He also ended up in pre-trial detention so as not to try to escape from Croatia or repeat the (non) crime. Almost every year, pedophiles lurk on nudist beaches or swimming pools of tourist centers along the Adriatic coast, “armed” with sophisticated cameras, and secretly film naked children to satisfy their perverted lust. When they are spotted by the parents of the filmed children, security guards or other tourists, they flee. Some escape, and some catch up and keep until the arrival of the police. The investigation of the arrested pedophile is not a bit complicated. The most important thing for investigators is to confiscate a device with a camera that was used for recording and devices on which such recordings are stored, which are taken and used as evidence in court proceedings. Mostly these are “smart” phones of the newer generation with built-in strong zoom cameras, hidden so-called. spy cameras integrated anywhere, into the frames of the most ordinary Ray-Ban sunglasses, watches, books, ballpoint pens, tablets and similar devices, cameras hidden in miniature belt bags and other summer beach props.

In addition to smartwatches with cameras, ballpoint pens with a built-in strong camera are popular among pedophiles. The ballpoint pen, in addition to the camera, has a USB rechargeable battery and a data micro card. There are also those who simply shoot with larger cameras, pretending to shoot panoramic-tourist motifs, in the background of which are almost always naked children.

– Today everyone has a mobile phone in hand, positive people do not expect such negative activities on one beach. They are shocked when they understand what is happening – says Dalibor Vlaho, head of the Center for Education and Prevention of Violence from Đakovo, for 24sata.

– We found a huge database of photos on Darknet. We recognized photos from several Croatian beaches where children are naked. These are small children and it happens non-stop, and I have a feeling that it is not taken so seriously – says Dalibor. He adds that such photos are then usually shared via private secret groups on social media.

– We came across more than a dozen profiles on Twitter and were shocked by what explicit content can be published there. We recently came across a page on Facebook with a very explicit video where a child of about ten years old was filmed in sexual activity. We reported this to Facebook and were very surprised when they first refused to remove the content. In the end, they deleted the video, but the page and other content were not removed – says Dalibor. He believes that there is more and more pornographic content showing children, especially by groups on social networks.

– Take Whatsapp for example. Hackers break into one group and cancel it, they immediately open another with even worse content – says Dalibor, who believes that educating parents, children and young people about the dangers lurking on the Internet is especially important for prevention.

– According to the national research of the Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center and Brave Phone, high school students on a sample of 4191 children, but also according to the Council of Europe, every fifth child is sexually abused – says Mia Roje Đapić, psychologist from the Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center.

– It is estimated that eight percent of cases are detected in boys and 18 percent in girls. On average, 10 to 16 years pass from abuse to disclosure, and the range of time for children to remain silent is from one month to 56 years – reveals Roje Đapić.

– Sexual abuse of children usually begins with the process of ‘grooming’ (recruitment or seduction). The belief that foreigners are the ones who are dangerous and the widespread propaganda on the subject make it even more difficult to identify perpetrators in the community. ‘Grooming’ through modern technologies often takes the form of ‘sextortion’, which involves blackmailing sent content for the purpose of obtaining more such content or forcing them to have live sexual activities. Adolescents represent more than 70 percent of the victim population. According to the national survey of the Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center from 2019, as many as 35 percent of young people went to meet a person they met online – says Mia. ”


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Disclaimer: This is unofficial translation provided for information purposes. Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center cannot be held legally responsible for any translation inaccuracy. 

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