Director of the Zaageb Child and Youth Protection Center, professor Gordana Buljan Flander, PhD, was a guest on Dnevnik Nova TV on the June 6, 2020, in the TV report by reporter Domagoj Mikić on the tragedy in Cetingrad, where domestic violence culminated in the husband killing his wife and then himself, leaving behind two minor children. We are publishing a report from the portal:

“The tragedy that happened this morning in Cetingrad is a story we have heard many times – the husband killed his wife, she had previously reported him for violence, and three minor children were left without both parents.

In February this year, the police found a weapon for which he did not have a permit , in addition to criminal charges for domestic violence and threats, during a search of a man who apparently killed his wife and convicted himself at the family home in Cetingrad this morning . He was caught in a visibly intoxicated state, but someone in the judicial institutions concluded that it was enough for the trial to await at large with measures banning him from entering and establishing contact with his family.

The reporter of Dnevnik Nova TV Domagoj Mikić talked about the traumas that remain on the victims of domestic violence with professor Gordana Buljan Flander, director of the Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center.

“The measures taken against the perpetrators are not enough, and again the approach protection measure did not protect the victim. Someone who violates ethics and is violent towards the victims, will also violate the measure of restraining order”, points out professor Gordana Buljan Flander.


Asked where she thinks she gets stuck in the victim protection process, professor Buljan Flander says the trials are taking too long.

“I have seen many times that bullies use various loopholes in the law , various procedural errors or omissions to prolong the proceedings themselves. During this time, not only do the victims feel unprotected but they also feel that no one believes them. I really see no reason not to hurry because when we see the consequences it has on children, women, family members, we would save a lot of effort and work later in working with victims if we sanction the perpetrators in time and protect the victims in time, “she said.

She pointed out that she has a lot of experience in working with children who have suffered this kind of trauma.

“This is the most intense trauma that children can experience. Children when they lose a parent in childhood, it is for them a terrible loss and a terrible trauma because they have lost the figure of attachment, and when they lose both parents they have lost two figures of attachment. Even if it happens at such a frightening event, it greatly hinders the process of mourning. They have intense fear, they can have sleep disorders, eating disorders, behavioral disorders “, says professor Buljan Flander and adds that the most important thing is that children have the support of the environment.

“Of course, they need professional help, but it is very, very important that we do not mark children in such situations. I liked how you reported, you did not reveal anything that would reveal the identity of the children and I really think that is very, very important “, said professor Buljan Flander.

She also commented on the increase in cases of domestic violence and said that it seems to her that we are becoming a society that is increasingly tolerant of violence.

“From an early age, we are tolerant of violence against children, peer violence, partner violence, and then we wonder where so much domestic violence comes from. It is high time we realized that we are absolutely all responsible to protect those who are weakest, starting with children and all victims in the family, not to turn our heads and to react to even the slightest form of violence, to every indicator. “If someone says ‘I’m going to kill you’, let’s take it seriously, let’s react in time,” said professor Buljan Flander.




Disclaimer: This is unofficial translation provided for information purposes. Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center cannot be held legally responsible for any translation inaccuracy.   

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