Webinar “Notice, Report and (or) Cooperation: Psychologist in the Child Protection System”

Mia Roje, psychologist from Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb, held a webinar “Notice, Report and (or) Collaboration: Psychologist in the Child Protection System” on February 22, 2019. The webinar was organized by Brave phone and hosted on an online platform “The Child Protection Hub – Southeastern Europe “. When violence towards children happens, we often look for culprits and point fingers at a particular institution or person, and in this webinar the focus was shifted from blame to cooperation and responsibility of each one of us as individuals and professional experts. Mia Roje also offered some answers to questions as to what is whose responsibility, and how to cooperate better.

You can watch the webinar at the link below:


Here’s how the webinar is announced at the Childhub.org platform:

“What is the personal and professional responsibility when working with children, young people and families? With whom can and should psychologists cooperate? What are the obligations and the restriction in that cooperation?  What is whose job? What if someone doesn’t do their job properly? When and which institution to notify in that case? What to write? What to keep confidential? What exactly does the notice look like? Is that a report? Will I lose the child’s trust? Will I lose the parents’ cooperation? Will I tell them that I will contact someone else or not? If so – how to tell? Can I trust my colleagues? What does the Law say, what does the Convention say, and what does the GDPR say? Can I be brought before the court? Will it be my fault if, for example, the child gets taken from the parents? What if my superiors do not want to react? Do I need to react if they don’t? Do I need to react if such events occur outside my office/school/kindergarten?

Through this webinar and discussion, we will try to answer these and many other questions that concern many of us in our everyday work, as well as mutually support each other in taking the responsibility for those which voice we need to hear and promote – children.”

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