We Invite Experts To Support 28 Conclusions of the Profession in Protecting Children from Emotional Abuse in Parental Divorce: Establishing Good Practice in Croatia

The interest of the professional and the general public for the topic of alienation and emotional abuse of children in divorce is growing day by day, and the proof is an excellent response to Karen and Nick Woodall’s lecture held in early July 2019 in Zagreb, organized by the Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center and the Association of Youth Judges, Family Judges and Child and Youth Experts. After their lecture entitled ”Understanding and working with children and families affected by parental alienation: hearing the authentic voice of the child and intervening to help recovery”, a number of colleagues and parents contacted us, noting that what the world-renowned authorities teach what the law and international regulations say, and what follows from thousands of scientific papers, have no real practical application in Croatia.

In support of the establishment of good practice in Croatia, we have summarized the 28 conclusions of the lecture and, as a Google document, referred it to the professional and interested public for a signature of support. We will deliver the document with the collected signatures to all relevant institutions and competent ministries, so that we can all continue to build the path of best practice for the protection of children in Croatia. These conclusions were supported by Karen Woodall and Nick Woodall, and at the following link you can support them with your signature: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc9u_zMiZLL-C6HIf3G4ude-IVYpGVv–EMX6J9iD43U–ebg/viewform?fbzx=7370086239299229702

Read the 28 conclusions in English is on this link:




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