Training of psychologists working in the social welfare (social welfare centers and children’s homes), titled ‘The Abused Child – Psychological Evaluation, Interview and Treatment’ has been conducted in the Child Protection Center of Zagreb. The first of the three two-day seminars was held on 13 and 14 December 2012. The last in the series will be held in January 2013. Around 80 psychologists from social welfare institutions attended the first two seminars.

The seminar has been organised by the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth and the Child Protection Center of Zagreb. Lecturers are professionals engaged in the Center.

The programme of this seminar included topics related to the latest findings in the field of psychotraumatisation and abuse in childhood and the possibility of psychological evaluation of the abused child. The aim of lectures and workshops is the acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary in interviewing the abused child (elements of the forensic interview in the context of clinical work) focusing on the specificities of conducting the interview regarding the child’s characteristics and experience. The program also includes topics related to child and parents support after the exposure to the traumatic experience, to the treatment of children focused on trauma and to working with the non-abusive parent.

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