Tolerance Festival: Supporting young people in the fight against violence

This year’s Jewish Film Festival Zagreb brought together experts and young people with the aim of empowering young people in the fight against violencein in the framework of the “Film and discussion” at Tolerance Festival. In the Cultural Center of Travno 29th November 2017 the movie is presented and held joint discussions of young people and professionals who encounter in their work with the theme of violence among children and youth.

The purpose of the “Film and Discussion” program within the Tolerance Festival is to draw attention to young people and to sensitize them to the existence and forms of intolerance and discrimination and encourage them to think and act through the film as a media and discussion as a means of engagement of the individual related to the whole. This year’s program was attended by almost 150 students from 10 secondary schools in the City of Zagreb.

The award-winning film directed by Ognjen Sviličić “Such Rules” (hrv. Takva su pravila) is presented to students. It was inspired by true cases of violence against Luka Ritz from Croatia and Denis Mrnjavac from BiH, which unfortunately ended in death. After the movie was shown, the discussion was followed with Martina Horvat, Social Pedagogue and President of Ambidekster Club, Advisory and Educational Center for Children, Youth and Family, Marija Goatti, Police Officer of Police Prevention Department and Tea Brezinšćak, Psychologist from The Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb. With the support of the moderator Vanja Daskalović and experts, young people shared their own experiences and views through discussion, and questioned the existing methods of observation of violence among youth and their role in stopping it.

The Tolerance Festival is sponsored by the City of Zagreb, while the FiD program is co-financed by the Croatian Audiovisual Center and the Ministry of Science and Education. Partners of this program are Ambidekster club, Department for prevention of the Police Directorate, The Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb and Cultural Center Travno.

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