The second training in working with alienated children took place in the Child and Youth Protection Centre of the City of Zagreb from 4 to 6 September 2017. Karen and Nick Woodall from Family Separation Clinic conducted the training sessions.

Last year our education with the same experts was focused on their theoretical approach, explaining alienation (the alienated child, types of alienation, differentiating between alienation and estrangement which may be a consequence of stressful and traumatic experience), the clinical picture of the alienating parent, the alienated parent and the child. We received valuable information about the work of the Family Separation Clinic in London, their experience gained in practice and guidelines for working with children and parents.

This year the three-day education offered professionals of our Centre an opportunity to expand their knowledge in diagnostic procedures and treatment with alienated children and parents, valuable feedback about our work with children and parents and supervision. Nick and Karen presented their approach and clinical experience in working with the child through various phases in recovery from alienation.

The training included lectures, workshops, discussions and case analyses.

The Family Separation Clinic is a private institution specialised in working with families through high-conflict divorce when children experience alienation or are at risk of being alienated. This institution employs therapeutic and multidisciplinary approach in the family and outside the family in cooperation with the court, which refers alienated children for evaluation and treatment.

More about Family Separation Clinic and Karen and Nick Woodall may be read on their web-page:

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