The Children’s Committee made a video for children about what the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child provides

How to approach children and young people through their media and show the benefits of using modern technologies? Response to these issues is provided by the Children’s Committee of Child and Youth Protection Centre of Zagreb. The video was designed and made in cooperation with our girls from the Committee, and was recorded in the Children’s Week (the first week of October), and in the meantime it was edited and comes as an announcement for the International Children’s Rights Day in November (November 22nd). The girls were led by psychologists Mia Roje and Ana Raguž.

The members of the Children’s Committee have shown us videos they had captured, apps they are using and taught us adults how to get involved. It’s a good idea for an activity with your kids! Enjoy and learn more about children’s rights because the “UN Convention on the Rights of the Child” is a thick book that children cannot read, and it’s important that they know what’s in it”.

See video (in Croatian language):


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