TELEGRAM.HR: “Daddy who threated son because he gave up of playing football was condemned “

On the portal, journalist Ana Raić Knežević, on June 2, 2018, writes about the verdict issued by the Misdemeanor Court in Jastrebarsko against the father who in his SMS insulted his 15-year-old son and threatened him with a ‘Croatian slap’ because the boy decided to give up from playing football in one of Zagreb’s clubs. The misdemeanor court has assessed the father’s act as an offense against a child sanctioned by the Family Protection Law.

The words hurt – sometimes more than a blow. The law is very clear about that emotional or psychological violence, violence same as well as physical. Practice shows that children, although the bruises and scars are not visible, the emotional wounds remain painful for a long time and affect their lives in the future.

We hope that more people, both professionals and lay people, will develop understanding and sensitivity to emotional violence against children, as this is the only way to protect them together. Recent research results from the Brave Phone show that we still need to work to sensitize the public about violence against children. It has been shown that citizens continue to believe that corporal punishment is justified in some situations, they consider it an effective educational method and have little awareness of the legal prohibition of corporal punishment in Croatia.

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