Swedish professionals visit the Center

Mental health professionals from Sweden, Child and youth psychiatry partnership Motala and Mjölby (Psykiatripartners barn och ungdom Motala och Mjölby) paid a professional visit to the Child Protection Center of Zagreb on 08 September 2012. Domagoj Štimac, M.D., deputy of the Center’s director and  Bruna Profaca, Ph. D., head of the Center’s diagnosing and treatment, presented the work and activities of the Center.

Swedish professionals showed special interest in the issues related to the protection of abused children in Croatia and the diagnosing and treatment work of the Center. Experience in working with traumatised children, and especially the appropriate facilities for the court questioning of children being in use in the Center was exchanged between the Swedish and the Center’s professionals through presentations and discussions, as well as through informal socialising.

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