Slovenian experts from Institute for the Protection of Children visited our Center

Experts from the Institute for the Protection of Children “Moon Fairy” (slov. Lunina vila) from Slovenia visited our Center at the end of November 2017. The Moon Fairy and our Center share a vision to provide comprehensive support and assistance to traumatized children. During the visit, experts were introduced to the work of the Center, with a focus on best practices and the challenges we face, and shared with us their own challenges in the work.

Institute for the Protection of Children “Moon Fairy” ( is a non-profit organization focused on providing support to traumatized children and prevention of trauma in childhood. Provides free services of psychotherapy for abused children, counselling for their families and organizes training for professionals. The foundation of the organization makes the belief that the provision of adequate assistance and support to victims and their families can help stop the cycle of violence and reduce the risk of psychosocial difficulties that arise as a result of traumatic experiences in childhood. The work of experts is based on modern knowledge about trauma, and in its approach combines trauma focused cognitive-behavioural therapy, play therapy, art therapy and animal-assisted therapy.

Despite the recent establishment in 2016, the “Moon fair” has already been emphasized by a striking campaign, Love may otherwise (, which seeks to raise public awareness of abuse and raise awareness about the importance of treatment and support to abused children.

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