“Child Neglect: Developmental and Practical Implications for Professionals” was a title of the lecture that Director of the Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center Prof. Gordana Buljan Flander, PhD delivered in Sarajevo on Friday, September 13, 2019. The lecture was organized in collaboration with World Vision BiH, as part of its “Invisible no more” (#VrijedniPažnje) campaign which has been actively working for a year to raise public awareness of the problem of neglect in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The great interest of almost 200 health professionals, educational welfare centers, police, health centers, religious communities, care homes, NGOs demonstrates the importance of raising awareness among professionals about the problem of child neglect. All of them focus on child protection and their best interests in their work focus. During the lecture, all participants emphasized the importance of empowerment through education of this type in the future.

Through its motto ‘Invisible no more’, World Vision BiH works to empower young people to express their opinions and advocate for raising public awareness of the problem of child neglect. Through the campaign, young people are offered the opportunity to grow and develop, they are offered the opportunity to meet different and others, to develop their talents and abilities through additional informal education and socializing.

During last week’s lecture Prof. Gordana Buljan Flander, PhD spoke about the importance of early recognition of neglect, the types and forms of neglect, the historical overview of neglect, types of attachment and why it is important later in adulthood, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The second part of the lecture discussed neglect assessments, the challenges of measuring indicators of neglect, how to identify a child who has been neglected, and how to approach and assist a vulnerable child, how to work multidisciplinarily, how to deal with child neglect, and the impact of neglect. to different segments of child development.

In the final part of the lecture, Prof.  Buljan Flander, PhD emphasized the responsibility of each individual for the protection of children, that silence and closing their eyes from the problems of neglect and abuse are a sign of support for abusers, and urged those present not to run away from conversations with children, to teach them appropriate behaviors, and to teach them by example and by protection, they show that the world is a safe place for them despite the traumatic experience they have endured.

Director, Prof.  Gordana Buljan Flander, PhD thanked especially Dragan Bulić for the great organization and gathering of so many experts and Goran Čerkez, MD from the Federal Ministry of Health who also addressed the gathered experts.

The youth involved in the World Vision “Invisible no more” campaign have also made valuable contributions, addressing the topic of child neglect from a youth perspective. We look forward to their arrival in Zagreb to visit our Youth Committee to organize some joint actions between Zagreb and Sarajevo.


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