Presenting Center’s Multidisciplinary Model of Work and Forensic Interview on TAIEX Webinar for Mauritius Experts

Prof. Gordana Buljan Flander, Director of Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center was invited as expert to the webinar event: TAIEX INTPA – Expert mission on Setting up a Children court in Mauritius, on 16-17 September 2021, organised in co-operation with Ministry of Gender Equality and Family Welfare of Mauritius EU Delegation in Mauritius.

The aim of this webinar is to share expertise on how a Child Court is operating, the elements to consider when setting up a new court and its functioning. The workshop will also address the Courtroom configuration which enhances Magistrate-child-parent interaction, the Courtroom design to make child comfortable, the testimonial aids, the remote witness room, the setting up of CCTV and logistics, the assistance of experts (psychologist, guardian ad litem) and the training of court staff. More than fifty participants attended the two-day webinar.

Prof. Gordana Flander Buljan, Director of Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb, first day of webinar held a lecture „Multidisciplinary approach“. Druing the lecture she was presenting Center’s model of work and emphasizing that the process of complete recovery is not possible without coordination of system institutions and cooperation of professionals.

Second day of webinar, prof. Gordana Flander Buljan held a lecture „Assistance of expert“. During the lecture forensic activities in Center, necessary skills of proffesionals for conducting forensic interview and cooperation with the court of law were presented.

Speakers on this expert mission were also: Mrs Silvia Martínez Cantón Judge, Court of 1st instance, (Spain), Mrs Anna Tengberg Judge, District Court in Malmö ( Sweden), Mrs Lana Peto Kujundzic Juvenile Judge, High Criminal Court (Croatia).

Silvia Martínez Cantón, judge held lectures: „Juvenile Courts in Spain: a long tradition“ and „The setup of a new kind of court. Key aspects to be considered. The experience of the Transparency Court of Panama and the Directories for victims in Turkey. The relevance of the child victim“.

Anna Tengberg, district court judge from Sweden held lectures: „The Swedish legislation and penal system regarding young offenders“ and „Some practical aspects when preparing for and having court hearings with young offenders and/or young victims“.

Lana Peto Kujundzic, judge on High Criminal Court of Republic Croatia held lectures: „Child friendly justice – Croatian system for juveniles and children victims“ and „Training of Court Staff“.

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