Participants of Matrix Croatica School of Communicology visited Centre

The students of the Matrix Croatica School of Communicology, held in Zagreb from 7 to 11 December 2016, visited the Child and Youth Protection Centre of the City of Zagreb, continuing the successful collaboration from previous years. This is the eighth time this School gathered young and prospective students of journalism and communicology in order to provide additional extracurricular education in the field of the media.

This year the theme was “Media culture and public discourse: Between the freedom of speech and hate speech”. Participants met scientists and professionals in the field of media culture, freedom of speech and hate speech, followed by study trips to Marija Bistrica, Samobor and Križevci.

Through working and dialogue with lecturers the aim was to find answers to the following questions: what are sensation and manipulation in the media, are there boundaries and how hate speech is recognised on social networks, what is responsibility for public discourse and is there (or not) media culture on the radio, TV and in other media.

During students’ visit to the Centre, our Director, Prof. Sc.D. Gordana Buljan Flander emphasised the importance of cooperation among various professional in the protection of children and youth. Tea Brezinšćak, psychologist, in her presentation and in the discussion with the participants, explored the sources of hate speech, how children acquire it, its impact on children who are the targets and the children who use it, characteristics of hate speech in the virtual world and how we can deal with hate speech both in our professional and personal capacity.

Photography: Mirko Cvjetko

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