On Psychology Days in Zadar

The 21st Psychology Days in Zadar, an international scientific and professional conference with 40 years long tradition, organized by the Department of Psychology of the University of Zadar, was held from 24 to 26 May 2018.

On behalf of the Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb, psychologist Mia Roje, mag. psych. and Ana Raguž, mag. psych., were participated with a lecture on: “Life before the small screen of kindergarten age” (Roje Mia, Buljan Flander Gordana, Ana Marija Španić, Tea Brezinšćak and Ana Raguž).

Through this lecture was presented a part of the Screen time screening of preschool children, conducted in 2016/2017. in cooperation of our Center with the Brave Phone Association, with an emphasis on demographic and family variables that point to correlation with the overall screen time to a young child.

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