Sanja Jusufbegović, Clinical Psychologist from Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center, was a guest in Nova TV’s Dnevnik on June 12th, 2019 and spoke on the topic of psychological assistance to traumatized children. After the truck crashed into the students on a school excursion at the Novska landing site and killed two female students, a crisis intervention team arrived at the Elementary School Dalje. It was said that four psychologists spoke with the students, witnesses of the accident, that they will meet with parents and teachers, and that in addition to group therapy with the students, the psychologists would also work individually:

Psychologist Sanja Jusufbegović explained that in these situations, children are approached in order to assess the needs of all children who were immediate witnesses to the event, but also of other school children affected by this event:

“It is very important to say that crisis intervention refers to one form of so-called psychological first aid, related to reliving what the children may have seen, but also their reactions. The goal of crisis intervention is to prevent some long-term adverse reactions in children. In this case, we are not only talking about overcoming trauma, but also about coping with loss. Trauma is about reacting, dealing with disbelief, with some somatic problems, with problems that may relate to changes in functioning, changes in the experience that children may have … Some of these reactions can be very strange for them, they can feel insecure and even scared. Regarding grief and loss itself, we are not just talking about parental loss that is incomparable to anything else, we are also talking about loss on many different levels: losing friends, losing students, losing a lot of what these children shared in life” concluded Sanja Jusufbegović.

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