NOVA TV: “Children in institutions deteriorate: 400 children are waiting for adoption each year, and 600 adoptive parents are waiting for the child”

Nova TV announced on 6 December 2017 a report by journalist Barbara Golja on the occasion of the roundtable organized by the Children’s Home in Nazorova “Child on Hold”. Director of the Child and Youth Protection Centre of Zagreb Prof. Dr. Sc. Gordana Buljan Flander participated.

“The problems related to adoption and care of children without parental care are indeed looking for a solution. That is clear from the statement at a roundtable organized by the Children’s Home in Nazorova, symbolic called “Child on Hold”.

The Krznarić family has been waiting for a baby for years, and from the Social Welfare Center, for years writing that there are no children. “They say it’s a nice gesture and they hope that we will find somebody, but, here, we’ve been trying for three years. Now they tell us, maybe when you make an album of pictures and sent to the Social Welfare Center”,  explains Vesnica Krznarić.

From this mentioned Center has its own version of the story.

“People often turn condition, I would have a younger child, I would have a healthy child, I would have a child some background, but I would not do this, I would not do it,” says about potential adopter Tatjana Brozović Perić, head of the Social Welfare Center in Zagreb.

In particular, the family Krznarić tell us that they agreed that the adopted child aged up to 10 years. But where are the kids?

“A child waiting in the institution deteriorate” said Jasna Curkovic Kelava, director of the Children’s Home Zagreb. “It takes too long to take action in court, and then when it comes to court, it is also very often late,” she adds.

“The longer the time and the longer the chances we give the parent, the less chance we give the child. It is important, therefore, seen by psychologists, social workers, and mental health professionals to assess whether the parent has the parental competence or not.” says Gordana Buljan Flander, head of the Child and Youth Protection Centre of Zagreb.

Even the police at the beginning have a clear picture. “Children are neglected, abandoned and abused. We are suspicious of sexual abuse, to severe physical abuse, until we have tragic cases of killing of children” says Dragan Josipovic from the Department of Juvenile Police Directorate.”

Watch the whole report here:—498742.html

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