In accordance with the recommendation and guidelines of the Council of Europe, aiming at proactive activity on the Internet and in the community, the Ministry of Social Policy and the Youth established a National Board for the implementation at the national level of the Council of Europe Campaign “No Hate Speech Movement”. See the official spot of the Campaign:

Vice-president of the Croatian Government, the Minister of Social Policy and the Youth, Milanka Opačić, presented in public the Campaign „NO Hate Speech On the Internet” at Banski dvori on 17 January 2014. Many famous persons have been engaged in the promotion of this Campaign, e.g. Danijela Trbović, Amar Bukvić, Goran Bogdan, Tomislav Jelinčić, Leona Paraminski, Ivana Nanut, Hockey club Medveščak, and theCampaign Ambassador is Iva Šulentić. They participate in the promotion spot of the Campaign by Darko Drinovac which will be aired on national TV programms in the months to follow.

The general aim of the Campaign is to inform and sensitise the public, especially children and the youth, about human rights and negative effects of hate speech. Young people will have a key role in the Campaign and they will proactively work on the Internet to raise awareness of the meaning of hate speech and the consequences of such unacceptable ways of expression. Campaign at the national level will last till December 2014, according to the action plan of activities.

Research conducted by the Brave Phone and the Child Protection Center of Zagreb, about the experience and behaviour of children on the Internet and social network Facebook, on a sample of 1489 children in Croatia, aged 11 to 18, found that there is almost a complete coverage of child population by Facebook network and that every sixth child had been a victim of the hate speech on the Internet, while 8% of children admitted such behaviour.

Vesna Katalinić, social worker, coordinator of the Brave Phone Child House Borovje, is an active member of the National Board and participates in designing activities of the Campaign in collaboration with other members of the National Board and the Ministry of Social Policy and the Youth.

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