Lecture for parents at Elementary school Krapinske Toplice

On Monday, 20th of November on the International Day of Children’s Rights, Center’s psychologist Mia Roje held a lecture for parents at Elementary school Krapinske Toplice. The lecture was organized by school principal Samson Štibohar and defectologist Alemka Boraš. Parents had the opportunity to learn about parenthood in the best interest of the child while taking in consideration parenting challenges in modern society. Some of those challenges are work and family balance, new child rearing practices, raising number of nontraditional family structures and dealing with modern technologies that children are exposed to on a daily basis. Children and young people, as well as parents choose to learn from what we offer them as a profession and society. Considering a tremendous interest and attendance of over 150 mothers and fathers from Krapinske Toplice, organizers and lecturer concluded that there is interest in self-improvement and improvement of parenting skills.

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