International Congress Attachment and Trauma in Rome

Director of the Child and Youth Protection Centre, Prof. Sc.D. Gordana Buljan Flander, director deputy, Domagoj Štimac, MD, chief physician, and Ass. Prof. Sc.D. Vanja Saftić, MD, neuropaediatrician and chief physician participated in the international Conference “Attachment and Trauma” in Rome, from 23 to 25 September 2016.

This important gathering assembled lecturers, some of the most recognised neuroscientists and leading world experts in the field of mental health. Rachel Yehuda delivered a lecture on the transgenerational transfer of stress in the family. Stephen Porges, the creator of the polyvagal theory, Daniel Siegel, author of several books and papers about the impact of trauma on neurodevelopment and Allan Shore, who integrated his insights into the roots of the attachment theory, as well as other lecturers shared the most recent knowledge about the influence of environmental factors on the child brain development.

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