Interactive lecture about internet security for fifth and sixth grade pupils in Zadar

Fifth and sixth grade pupils from Zadar attended an interactive lecture about advantages and risks of modern technology on November 21st 2019. The lecture was held by the Director of Child and Youth Protection Center prof. Gordana Buljan Flander, Ph D. The lecture was held in Zadar within project “First step towards cyberbullying  prevention” conducted by Volunteer center Zadar with the help of Ministry of demography, family, youth and social politics, Centre for social welfare Zadar, City of Zadar and Zadar county.

With the Director, Krešimir Prijatelj, psychologist-trainee and Luka Wűrsching, a member of Youth board participated in lectures.

Throughout the lecture, the Director was talking about the ways of protecting children on internet, recognition of abusive behaviour in electronic environment and ways of reporting unwanted content. Lecture was organized in interactive manner, in form of crisis, in which the Director was discussing different situations when children had to determine if the behaviour was abusive or not. Beside answering questions, kids have given many of their own ideas on how to use internet and social networks safely. They’ve shown good knowledge about modern technology, had many ideas on how to use internet and social networks safely, their reasoning was very logical and well founded when explaining why some of behaviours on internet and social networks were risky.

Youth board member Luka Wűrsching has provided some principles of protection from bullying and insulting content on online gaming platforms, and psychologist-trainee Krešimir Prijatelj went through some of privacy settings and additional ways of protection on social networks: Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube and TikTok which children use the most.

During the lecture, the emphasis was on how bullying can be supported not only by things we do, but also the things we don’t do, reviewing the necessity of reporting and blocking pages of offensive or abusive behaviour. Also, through talking with young audience the director has pointed out that we shouldn’t send messages when we are angry; for someone something is a joke, for other it is an insult; we shouldn’t forward others photos, messages or videos which can lead to unpleasant situations, and before we click “Send”, we should ask ourselves how we would feel if we have received that kind of message or content.

At the end of the lecture, the director had the honour to hand in awards to children whom artistic, literal or photographic works on subject “NO! to the bullying on internet” in choosing of Volunteers canter Zadar was rated the best.



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