First Meeting of the Children’s Committee of the Child and Youth Protection Centre

The first meeting of the Children’s Committee of the Child and Youth Protection Centre, which we nicknamed the “Little Committee”, was held on Wednesday, 3 May 2017. It was attended by a small number of children (aged 7-11) – four girls, because some of the members were sick and others celebrated their birthdays. However, it did not prevent us from working and having fun.

After we got to know each other, we talked about what was important for children in their families and at school and outlined some interesting topics we will talk about at our future meetings. The girls from the Little Committee said they liked being asked for opinions and listened to. They suggested we should meet again as soon as possible. They were glad to represent children and they took that assignment very seriously. Besides that, they liked the cookies and the juice which gave us the necessary energy for thinking, and they also liked our final game of drawing where they showed their talents. We are looking forward to our next meeting in about a month. We will continue to inform you about what we heard from children who can teach us, ‘the adults’ a lot.

Here are some of the messages for parents. It is important that they:

– talk decently, without arguing or swearing,

– do not beat their children (e.g. pull their hair),

– do not leave their children,

– do not shout, but explain,

– love us (hug us, kiss us, you can feel it by the expression on their face),

– do not molest their children,

– take care of their children,

– sometimes plan how to spend time together.

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