Expert Associates of Elementary Schools from Slovenia Visiting Our Center

Expert associates of elementary schools in Slovenia (psychologists, pedagogues and social workers) visited the Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb on May 30th, 2019. Presenting the Center, Vlatka Križan, Clinical Psychologist and Dora Kralj, Social Pedagogue introduced them to the work, activities and achievements of the Center, as well as showed them the Center’s space, which is adapted for children and young people.

During the visit, the experiences of supporting children with various difficulties in the field of school and peer functioning, the importance of cooperation between school and clinicians in observation, assessment and ways of supporting children were exchanged. They were also acquainted with the multidisciplinary and inter-sectoral way of working in supporting children and their families in situations of exposure to traumatic experiences, abuse, as well as various other difficulties that require the support of mental health professionals.

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