Education on psychodiagnosis of children and adolescents in Zenica

At the Faculty of Medicine, University of Zenica, as part of the professional development of psychologists from mental health centers called “Psychotherapy counseling for child and adolescents in community mental health centers”, Psychologist of the Zagreb Child and Protection Center, Ass. Prof. Bruna Profaca, PhD, held the psychodiagnostics for children and adolescents module  from February 14 to 16, 2020. Colleagues from Sarajevo, Đana Lončarica and Mirela Hadžić participated in the implementation of this module. The training was organized by the Federal Ministry of Health (BiH), and the holders are the Higher Education Institution in partnership with BHIDAPA (Bosnia and Herzegovina Integrative Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Association). Twenty psychologists from the mental health center from across BiH participated.

Through lectures, discussions, and workshops, but also with a demonstration by Ass. Prof. Bruna Profaca, PhD, participants had the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills in psychodiagnostic work with children and adolescents: clarifying the purpose of the assessment, determining the social context, assessing general and specific areas, determining the effects of the problems causing the assessment and determining the areas of intervention (child, parent, environment) after a psychodiagnostic procedure with a child or young person.

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