Education for Lawyers – “Special Guardians”

Psychologists from Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb, Renata Ćorić Špoljar and Mia Roje held lectures as part of the education for lawyers from the Special Care Center on 6th and 7th December 2018. The head of the education was prof. Marina Ajduković, PhD, and the purpose of the lecture was to give additional education to the lawyers – “special guardians”, employed in the Special Care Center, who represent children in courts.

The aims of the education were to develop additional competences and educate child lawyers for a psychosocial perspective, to develop the skills of , to increase the understanding of the child’s situation and needs, to gain insight into the elements of personal contribution during the representation of the child with the distinction, the child’s interests and wishes, as well as getting acquainted with social welfare procedures in assessing development risks, as well as safety and health threats in conflict-like parenting situations. At the end of this two-day education, “special guardians” will be educated on how to differentiate the children wish from its best interest and also, adjust their communication to the specific children needs.

Mia Roje, mag.psych. held lectures on “Child in High Conflict of Parents” and “Emotional Abuse of Children in Divorce” and Renata Ćorić Špoljar, clinical psychologist held lecture “How to Talk to a Child”, and together with Mia Roje a lecture on “How to Improve work of special guardians based on case studies from Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb”. Also, she held interactive lecture with prof. Marina Ajduković, PhD “The special guardians between the rights, interests and wishes of the child.”

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