Croatian Radio – POLIGRAF: Violence against and among children

Child Protection Hub for South East Europe reported:

“On February 2nd 2018, in the Croatian Radio “Poligraf”, the topic of violence against and among children was discussed. Guests in the studio were Gordana Buljan Flander, PhD,  Director of Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb; Dejana Bouillet, PhD, Head of Department of Pedagogy and Didactics at the Faculty of Teacher Education in Zagreb; Jasenka Pregrad, Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Head of the UNICEF Program Stop Violence among Children and  dr. sc. Renato Matić, Siociologist, Croatian Studies.

Gordan Buljan Flander, PhD emphasized: “There are two key words in the protection of children: it is multidisciplinarity and intersectoral cooperation. We can work multidisciplinary in our home, but if we do not connect with other systems of protection, we can not protect the child in such a situation. Unfortunately, when we talk of intersectoral co-operation in Croatia, we do not really stand well because we do not have the legally prescribed obligation of intersectoral cooperation, so we have no obligation to cooperate with school and health. In the Nordic countries, this is a legal obligation, and in our case it depends on the enthusiasm of a particular school, individual expert, individual organization. “

The link on the show is avaliable here.

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