Croatian Ministry Of The Interior: International Institutions Recognize Importance Of “Behind the Door” Campaign

The website of Croatian Police Directorate announced the text of the international success of the campaign “Behind the Door” (“Behind This Door Lives Mia”) on April 23, 2020. We convey the text in its entirety: “Sometimes, for those most vulnerable #ostanidoma [#stayhome] it is not a safe choice. What if staying in the house brings a danger and abuse?

At the beginning of April, the Croatian Ministry of the Interior  presented the “Behind the Door” campaign, which is jointly conducted with Zagreb Child and Youth Protection and the Degordian Agency. The goal of the campaign is to make all citizens aware of the violence that is happening near them.

According to research from the Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center, 16-25% of children experience physical abuse in Croatia during childhood, as many children experience emotional abuse, while every fifth child is sexually abused.

Mia, named a girl who suffers behind-the-door violence on a daily basis, has become a symbol of domestic violence in a very short period of time, and the importance of this campaign has been recognized by international institutions and agencies such as Europol, which highlight it as an example of good practice.

We remind parents that behind closed doors, their child may be exposed to harmful and inappropriate content, and in some cases, sexual abuse and exploitation online.

In the months when we are most focused on the COVID-19 situation, let us remember the youngest who cannot protect themselves from other attacks without our help.

When taking measures to protect against COVID 19 and social exclusion, the Police Directorate takes particular account of the possible escalation of violence against children, and the prevention of violence against children and families is one of the priorities and risks addressed by the police.

Therefore, recognize Mia in your area and report to the police any form of violence against children. Only by working together can we transform our home into a safe place for every child! ”

Polish version of our campaign video:


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