Child Protection Center of Zagreb Given Certificate of Acknowledgement by Croatian Psychological Chamber

Director of the Child Protection Center of Zagreb, Gordana Buljan Flander received a Certificate of Acknowledgement by the Croatian Psychological Chamber delivered by the president of the Chamber, Hrvoje Gligora at the opening of the 21 Annual Conference of Croatian Psychologists.

For the valuable contribution to the improvement of Croatian psychologists status

The award and the certificate of acknowledgements are given by the Croatian Psychological Chamber for especially valuable contributions to the development and work of the Chamber, the improvement of the status of psychologists and affirmation of the profession. Chamber Board agreed on the decision to award the Certificate of Acknowledgement to the Child Protection Center of Zagreb, Croatian Psychological Society, Croatian Institute for Health and Safety at Work, Marina Šimac, while Nataši Jokić-Begić is awarded with Snježana Biga Friganović prize.

The proposition to award the Certificate, among other things, sets out: “The reasons for the proposition are the long-standing cooperation between the Center and the Chamber and the unconditional readiness of the director and the employees of the Center to contribute, as well as professionally support the realization of the Chamber’s activities, aiming at the development of psychological services. Annual assemblies and professional meetings of the Chamber organised in the venues of the Center and the readiness of the staff for complete logistic, friendly and collegial support to such cooperation gave rise to the proposition for the award of this Certificate.”

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