Celebrating International Day of Families as Part of the “I Want to Read!” Campaign

International Day of Families was celebrated on May 21st, 2019 at the National and University Library in Zagreb as part of the national campaign “I Want to Read!” The organizers of the event are the National and University Library in Zagreb, the Croatian Library Association and the Office of the Ombudsperson for Children.

Vlatka Križan, a clinical psychologist from the Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb spoke about the role of the psychologist and multidisciplinary team of the Center in supporting children with reading difficulties. She also spoke about the negative consequences of not recognizing in a timely manner the cause of difficulties in the school functioning of these children, as well as the impact of peer violence on the mental health of children.

The organizer of the campaign for people with reading disabilities and dyslexia is the Croatian Library Association. Through the ”I Want to Read!” program, members of the Network of Young Advisers of Ombudsperson for children want to draw the attention of their peers to the challenges faced by children and young people with reading difficulties. Through its activities, this network seeks to contribute to the improvement of children’s rights, representing children in professional discussions and raising awareness of children’s rights and the role of the Ombudsperson for children among their peers. The program was led by Željka Miščin, who is also the leader of the National Campaign ”I want to read too!” And the representative of the Network of Young Advisers to the Ombudsperson, Niko Radujković. In addition to the Network of Young Advisors, students from the first and third grades of elementary school ”Dr. Ivan Merz” and the Kaooosss Association participated in the program.

The General Director of the National and University Library in Zagreb, Tatijana Petrić, Ph.D., Ombudsperson for children Helenca Pirnat Dragičević, Advisor to the Ombudsperson and speech therapist Ivona Salaj also participated in the program. The book by Anita Peti-Stantić, Ph.D., entitled “Reading to comprehension: from reading literacy to reading ability” was presented. 

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