CAMPAIGN “SHARE, SUPPORT, HOLD OUT”: “I stay home because of my mother who has asthma and because of my grandmother …”

Mental health professionals from our Center asked the young people they work with how they cope with the corona virus restrictions on leaving home. They asked them what they do while they are indoors. Among the answers below some are from members of Center`s Youth Bord, all united in the hashtags: #stayhome #heretoeachother

“I asked all my friends for one thing, to stay home. My cousin had leukemia and her parents were working, she was being looked after by her grandmother. I can get that people did not fear for themselves, not even me, but I’m staying at home because it saves lives. It is the only way that will slow the spread of coronavirus. People, please, read what the doctors say – the contact you make with someone who makes contact with someone else can infect someone’s mom or grandma or grandparents or wife. I don’t want to be responsible for someone’s death, do you want to? “

“I stay home because of my mother who has asthma and because of my grandmother …”

“It’s amazing to me that recently my grandmother philosophized about me not going out late alone. Now my mom and I call her all the time and check to see if she is home. Believe it, it is a horrible feeling when you are caring for someone you love and she ignores that she is in danger. Now I get it when mom runs out of battery and I don’t answer, I was really wrong. “

“I didn’t realize at first that this was all that serious, but now I really believe it’s important to stay home and stay away from others. This is the only way we can prevent the spread of coronaviruses and save lives. The more that we do, the more we will protect those who can not protect themselves, such as the very sick or the elderly. I keep posting on Instagram videos about what I do at home and see others do it too. I want to say everyone (my peers) that they should do something they don’t do usually (push-ups, music), announce it and invite their friends to do the same. My dad says he doesn’t believe that until a week ago I didn’t want to leave the room, and when this story started, I getting calls from friends and I admit I went first. People, chill, we’re all in the same situation, it will pass. It depends on us how much loss of life we will have. “

“My advice for staying calm at home is to stay busy … there is something to do, laziness is nice but after a while it gets boring. Find something you can do in the room or if you have a garden. Running or creatively expressing yourself, drawing, painting… sports activities like marines, push-ups, sit-ups… my main advice is to plan a day and follow a routine and stay busy. ”

What young people do at home:

I help with household chores

I deal with things I don’t have time for during school – mostly playing music and watching videos

I look out for the others around me

I read books

I listening my favorite album

I call family because I care

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