Brave Phone Volunteer Wins the Volunteer Oscar for 2016.

The eighth award for the best Zagreb volunteer was held in the City Hall. The winner was a long time volunteer of the Brave Phone, Matej Ilić Buljan. That was the decision of citizens who elected him via electronic voting on the internet web page, or at the headquarters of the Volunteer Centre Zagreb, or even by sending their votes by snail mail, between 30 January and 19 February 2017.

Martina Hodinj, the head of the Volunteers Club of the I Grammar School and Marijana Jergović, the president of the Zagreb Association “Smješak za sve” participated in the second round. The Volunteer Centre also presented Marija Fulgosi, the volunteer of the Catholic association “Kap dobrote” (Drop of Kindness”), with the award for her life work during almost three decades of voluntary engagement in helping the most disadvantaged members of the community.

“Why I volunteer is one of the frequent questions I have been asked lately. I volunteer to be there for others and to, as Martina Hodinj beautifully said, leave my mark in this world. I do not need awards, nor recognition. The only recognition I need is what I receive from my dear coordinators from the Brave Phone. I am happy my parents are here and that this is happening in the building where they were married”, said Matej Ilić Buljan at the awards ceremony.

The Brave Phone is celebrating its twentieth year of activity, which makes this award especially important.

“Matej’s Volunteer Oscar is a reward to all our past and future volunteers. Their knowledge, enthusiasm, energy and time they selflessly devote to children and parents in need are the groundwork of the twenty years of the Brave Phone work. This is a big incentive for our future work” said Jelena Tomić, vice-president of the Brave Phone.

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