At the workshop about the therapy for attachment in children and adolescents in Sarajevo

Director of the Child Protection Centre of Zagreb, Prof. Dr.Sc. Gordana Buljan Flander, psychologist and psychotherapist, held the workshop “Therapy for attachment in children and adolescents” in Sarajevo, from 11 to 13 December 2015. The workshop was open primarily for the students of the European educational programme in integrative child and adolescent psychotherapy, but also for those who work in psychotherapy, treatment and education of children and adolescents and in the improvement of children and adolescents mental health and welfare.

During three days of the workshop, through presentations of theory, work in small groups and plenary discussions, participants acquired knowledge necessary to identify:

– attachment styles,

– the clinical picture of attachment disorders and indications for psychotherapy,

– the relationship between the attachment in childhood and later in adulthood,

– basic corrective attachment therapy,

– the therapist’s role in treatment,

– implicit experience in development and therapy, and

– how to recognise attachment in working with patients.

The emphasis of this workshop was on the experiental work of participants.


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