At the Tolerance Festival

The 13th Festival of Tolerance – JFF Zagreb, a socially engaged festival which promotes intercultural dialogue, encourages civil society to actively participate in the development of the local community and monitors social, political and economic trends, was held in Zagreb from 7th to 13th April 2019.

In addition to a rich film program, discussions were organized as part of the Tolerance talk festival program. Following the screening of the documentary “M” (directed by Yolande Zauberman, Israel), on April 12th, a discussion on the topic of sexual abuse of children by religious officials was attended by Assist. Prof. Bruna Profaca, Ph.D. from the Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb, Dijana Rizvić – Judge at the Zagreb Municipal Criminal Court, Youth Section, Association of Youth Judges, Family Judges and Experts for Children and Youth and Marin Sovar, lecturer at the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb. The moderator was Mato Barišić.

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