At the Symposium on Psychiatric Nursing

Symposium of the Psychiatric Society of Croatia Psychiatric Nursing Association on the theme: “Long term care” and Psychiatric Nrusing in DTS and DTP was held in the Westin Hotel in Zagreb, on 18 November 2016.

The guest of the round table was the representative of Croatian Health Insurance, Dubravka Pezelj Duliba, MD, with whom the participants discussed the problem of coding the procedures nurses do on a daily basis. The task force got the assingment to define the procedures and advise Croatian Health Insurance about it, in order to make coding the procedures by highly educated nurses possible. The Child and Youth Protection Centre of the City of Zagreb was represented by our Head Nurse, Vesna Jurčić, Mr. of nursing.

Themes of the Symposium were:

– psychiatric nursing in DTP

– new treatment possibilities and application of long-acting antipsychotics

– the importance of the nurse in the management of Alzheimer disease

– managing patients in the psychosocial rehabilitation department

– therapeutic possibilities of group psychotherapy in depression disorder

– long term care

– “nurse, where do I go?”

– long term care for schizophrenic patients

– work in the club of treated alcoholics

– supported housing for people with mental health problems

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