At the State Expert Meeting for Psychologists from Educational Institutions in Omiš

The state expert meeting for psychologists from all educational institutions entitled ”Imprints of social changes in the behavior of children and youth” was organized by the Agency for Education and held in Omiš from April 24th to April 26th, 2019. As an invited lecturer on the topic “The importance and forms of systematic support to children and youth based on knowledge of trauma”, the lecture was held by Assist. Prof. Bruna Profaca, Ph.D., from the Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center.

She presented recent findings on traumatization of children and youth and the consequences of difficult childhood events on physical and mental health in adulthood. She also showed an example of treatment work with children and youth and the principles of trauma-based school practice. Other plenary speakers at this event were Vilma Bednar, prof., Jasenka Pregrad, prof., Nataša Jokić Begić, Ph.D., Helena Mitrović, prof., Velimir Todorović, Silvana Krnić, M.D., Ina Reić Ercegovac, Ph.D. and Sanja Smojver Ažić, Ph.D.

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