At the Sixth Congress of Psychologists of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Emotional Abuse and Manipulation of Children

As a part of the Sixth Congress of Psychologists of Bosnia and Herzegovina with international participation, held from 11th to 13th April 2019 in Banja Luka, Director Prof. Gordana Buljan Flander, Ph.D., delivered an invited lecture on “Manipulation of children and the system in high-conflict divorce – do we recognize emotional abuse?”

Throughout the lecture, new scientific insights on child alienation and the consequences of manipulating children and the system were presented. The Director emphasized that the adjustment of children to the new situation at divorce depends mainly on the presence and degree of conflict between the parents. The consequences of long-term exposure of children to high conflict were emphasized, such as research findings that these children have the same consequences as those exposed to direct physical abuse.

In the discussion, the participants agreed on the importance of education, cooperation and the urgency of acting of all systems involved in child protection. After the lecture, the book of experts of the Center “Science and Art of Upbringing” was presented. The book was talked about by a long-time associate of the Clinic psychologist Sanja Radetić Lovrić, Ph.D., from the Faculty of Philosophy in Banja Luka.

The Congress was organized by the Union of Societies of Psychologists of Bosnia and Herzegovina – the Association of Psychologists of Serbian Republic, the Association of Psychologists in the Federation of BiH, and the Society of Psychologists of the Brčko District.

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