At the Roundtable on Equal Parenting With Representatives of the Academic Community, Health, Social Protection Systems, Law and Education

The Association for Equal Parenting organized a Roundtable on the topic of “Equal Parenting-Reality or Myth” in the Zagreb City Tribune area, with projection of the documentary film by Arsen Oremović “Tak kak je” on February 27th, 2019. Center’s Psychologist Ella Selak Bagarić was invited as a panelist to hold a lecture titled “Attachment and Alienation of Children in Divorce”.

Psychologist Ella Selak Bagaric has shown in her presentation some of the consequences manipulative parenting behavior can have on child development, lack of parental cooperation, presence of conflict and separation of the needs of the child from parental needs. She also mentioned the responsibility of experts in the child protection system in recognizing emotional abuse of children in parental alienation cases. She stressed the importance of cross-sectoral cooperation and the importance of early identification and rapid action in such cases.

The Round Table was also attended by panelists Jasminka Zloković, prof.Ph.D, from Rijeka Faculty of Philosophy, Bojana Olić, a lawyer from the Social Welfare Center Zagreb, Peščenica branch, Hrvoje Jukić, a lawyer and Bojan Klapčić, a psychologist. Numerous experts and researchers from the field of child protection also joined the discussion, so the views of the academic community, health care, social protection systems, justice system and education have also been covered.


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