The University of Tirana hosted the First Mediterranean Summit for Child Protection and Wellbeing from 1st to 3rd of June in Albania. Eleven countries of the Mediterranean were represented by members of the Ministries of Social Policy and Youth with professors from Departments of Psychology of the University of Slovenia, Algeria, Palestine, Israel, Malta, Greece, Turkey, Albania, Italy and Spain. Center for Child and Youth Protection of Zagreb was represented by mag. psych. Dominik Šmida.

The summit was organized by the Haruv Institute from Jerusalem, an NGO focused on educating experts and volunteers for working with abused and neglected children.

Each representative presented his country’s population data in accordance with a pre-defined structure, with respect to various aspects such as nationality, religious affiliation and migration, legal, health and education legislation for children and young people, practical experience from state institutions dealing with children and young people at risk and on the limitations and future steps in working with these populations.

A large panel discussion and a round table of all the participants was also held at the summit, where proposals were made and concrete further steps taken to create a large Mediterranean child protection and wellbeing platform that will be available to experts involved in this summit that is planned to meet annually. Our Center has thus become a representative for Croatia on the Mediterranean platform for the protection and welfare of children.

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