At the First International Congress of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy in Sarajevo

The First International Congress of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy “The Role of Psychotherapy in Achieving the Health and Wellbeing of Children and Adolescents” was held in Sarajevo from 18 to 21 October 2018, organized by BHIDAPA (Bosnian and Herzegovinian Integrative Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Association) with UNICEF as the main partner, and in cooperation with Child and Youth Protection Centre of Zagreb. Prof. Sc. D. Gordana Buljan Flander and Child and Youth Protection Centre were awarded honours for a special contribution to the development of children and adolescent psychotherapy in BiH.

There were more than 400 participants in the Congress that were active from the very first day until the closing of the Congress, which says enough about the quality of the program and the importance of gathering for experts from different profiles. Among prof. Dubravka Kocijan Hercigonja, PhD, MD, who was also the President of the Congress, many other important lecturers in children and adolescent psychotherapy in the region and in the world, who were at the same time the honorary committee, were invited. In addition, the participants had the opportunity to listen to Prof. Norman Sartorius, MD-PhD, Prof. Daniel J. Siegel, MD-PhD, Prof. Michael Ungar, PhD, Prof. Albert John Sargent, MD-PhD, Prof. Afzal Javed, MD-PhD, Prof. Renko Đapić, MD-PhD, Prof. Vera Daneš Brozek, MD-PhD and our Director, Prof. Gordana Buljan Flander, PhD.

Sarajevo, Gordana Buljan Flander

Prof. dr. sc. Gordana Buljan Flander

Prof. Buljan Flander, PhD was very active throughout the Congress. She was a moderator and participant of the Round Table “The silence to be heard – sexual abuse of children, teach them to protect themselves”, held a plenary lecture on “New Technology – New Challenges of Growing up”, at the symposium “Children in Risk and Contact with Courts and Law” held a lecture entitled “Merits and the necessity of a child-friendly justice and court-medical treatment “. Through active participation on a round table where the program on neglecting children and young people entitled “Worthy of attention” was presented, Prof. Buljan Flander, PhD gave a support to the program, especially to young people who are active carriers of the program.

Other members of our Centre participated in the Congress. A special interest was shown in a workshop held by Bruna Profaca, PhD -“Psychological Crisis Intervention: Psychological First Aid to Children and Young People after Crisis Events”, in which more than 60 experts took part.

Psychologists Sena Puhovski and Ivana Ćosić Pregrad also held a workshop titled “The Other Side of Medal/vicarious resilience” in which experts had the opportunity to awaken their strength and resistance that is developing through working with children and young people experiencing difficult life experiences.

Vanja Slijepčević Saftić, PhD presented her study “Effects of the lack of sleep on the development of young generations” (Vidović, Jolić, Brečić, Slijepčević Saftić).

In the section “Psychotherapeutic Approaches to Working with Children and Young People”, the psychologists of our Centre, Mia Roje and Ana Raguž presented the works (case studies): “Child of terminal ill parent – adjustment and grief” (Roje, Buljan Flander and Boričević Maršanić) and “The girl who stopped writing – the use of modern technology in treatment” (Raguž, Roje, Buljan Flander, Galić). Through the examples of children who were our patients, we have presented a therapeutic work performed in the Child and Youth Protection Centre of Zagreb.

On behalf of the City of Zagreb at the Congress participated Deputy Mayor Jelena Pavičić Vukičević, who spoke on the theme “The role of school in humanistic education and socialization of the child in desirable values” and Head of the City Department of Social Welfare and Disability, Romana Galić, univ. spec. act. soc. who presented the paper “Single-parent families: a category at increased risk of poverty” (Galić, Zubak).

Vlatka Boričević Maršanić, PhD, Director of Psychiatric Hospital for Children and Youth and Lana Peto Kujundzic, PhD, Judge, President of the Juvenile Court of the Zagreb County Court, and President of the Association of Juvenile and Family Judges and Children and Youth Experts also had a significant contribution for this congress. Our co-operation was deepened and, in line with one of the main conclusions of the Congress, once again the importance of intersectoral interconnection was emphasized.

Sarajevo, Gordana Buljan Flander, Mirela Badurina

Prof. dr. sc. Gordana Buljan Flander i dr. sc. Mirela Badurina

We warmly congratulate the organizers led by Mirela Badurina, with the extraordinary organization and we look forward to further cooperation.



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